ADU Masterclass Series:

Equipping you as you navigate through the ADU process


14 Education-Packed Lessons

You’ll receive full access to 14 lessons, 3 recorded webinars, videos, PDF downloads, and presentations.

Video Tour & ADU Floor Plans

We’ll walk you through a full permit submittal package and two additional floor plans with video tours. Plus, you can download all the plans.

Learn from the Top ADU Experts

We’ve invited some of the top experts in the ADU marketplace to share their knowledge on saving costs, financing, designing, and more.

About This Course:

Excited about adding an ADU and maximizing your property? This course is a smart, inspiring way to get up to speed quickly.
After completing hundreds of ADU projects, we’ve distilled years of professional experience into an easy to follow action-packed online course.
For the annual price of a Netflix membership you can learn how to transform your backyard and cash in on tens of thousands of dollars of rental income, provide a home for a loved one or a dedicated guest house.

What You’ll learn:

  • How to kickoff your project

  • How to choose cost effective finishes

  • Design tips to maximize your investment

  • Understand major cost drivers for a project

  • Make the most of your space

  • From seasoned landlords

  • Abourt short-term vs long-term rentals

Download ADU floor plans!

One-of-a-Kind Bonuses!

  1. Receive a $50 credit toward a Home Evaluation or your Design Proposal.
  2. Download a finished package for a permitted ADU. Plus, see the final photos post construction.
  3. Take exclusive video tours and download the floor plans.
Lesson Plan
01Welcome to Designing Your ADU
You’ll learn how to use this course and meet your instructor.
02 Project Survey
You’ll answer questions about your goals, project and ideas.
03Mapping Your Goals to Design
In this critical phase you'll understand what's most important to your project's success.
04Small Space Hacks: Doing More with Less
Make the most of your small space. These tips will transform your design.
05 California Essentials: Indoor Outdoor Living
Take full advantage of all that sunshine. Follow this guide to maximize your outdoor space.
06 Short-Term & Long Term Rentals Decoded
Expert landlords share their experience with their own ADU.
07 Photography Tips to Increase Demand For Your Rental
Make sure you're setting your listing up for success by following these critical steps
08 Daily Dose of Inspiration
Get your notepad out and get the creative juices flowing with these photo tours
09 Value Engineering, What You Need to Know
Learn how design impacts the cost and common-sense steps you can take to maximize budget
10 Where to Place Your ADU
Placement matters! In this lesson learn how to analyze your site.
11 Choosing Finishes
Finishes are a big part of the budget learn how to pick the right ones.
12 Sample Permit Set
What does a submittal package look like? Walkthrough an example with our Lead Designer.
13 Oakland ADU Tour
Tour this stunning unit and download the floor plan.
14 Cottage ADU Tour
Tour this stunning unit and download the floor plan.

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