ADU Financing: A Loan Officer’s Inside Tips ADU financing is different from a standard home loan. But don't worry—James Carmody of Synergy One Lending in San Diego is an expert in ADU lending and told us exactly how the process works. No need to stress if you're pr [...]

How to Compare GC Bids for Your ADU

Is your ADU design complete? Then you're probably looking for a general contractor, and that means comparing estimates, or bids. The stakes are high! Choosing the wrong person can cause unnecessary stress, blow your construction timeline, and potent [...]

SB9 Explained: 2 Duplexes on Every Single-Family Lot?

California Senate Bill 9, in effect as of Jan. 1, 2022, may someday be as big a game-changer as the 2020 legislation that allowed ADUs to be built in the backyards of single-family homes. Under SB9, homeowners can build a duplex or split their prope [...]

Meet Your ADU General Contractor Matches

"My friend's ADU is amazing, but her contractor was a total nightmare!"  It's a shame when contractor horror stories scare people away from building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). Luckily, Maxable clients can rest easy. We've done the hard part fo [...]

The Best ADUs of 2021!

Another year, another lineup of amazing projects completed all over California! Did you know that there are now over 1.5 million ADUs all across the United States? That's incredible, but what we find most incredible is the resiliency and hard work w [...]

Super Chic 500 Sq Ft Backyard ADU

San Diego homeowners completely transform their backyard. Homeowner: Jen and Andy Spaces: One-bedroom standalone Andy and Jenn get the Maxable treatment for their brand new backyard home. "Having Maxable as this free resource was incredi [...]

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