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Our Mission

We’re building a world where everyone has a home

We believe ADUs have the potential to make a real impact on affordable housing and quality of life in the United States. To get there, homeowners need support and expert advice.

Maxable’s marketplace guides homeowners through planning, hiring, and managing their ADU project.

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Our Founder

Caitlin Bigelow

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Growing up in an East San Diego County home with a small granny flat rented out to help pay the bills, Caitlin saw for herself the many financial benefits ADUs provided her parents and the stability it brought to her young family. After sweeping legislation changes, she founded Maxable to help more families like hers reap the financial and social benefits.

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“Nearly all of the biggest challenges in America are, at some level, a housing problem. “

Rising home costs are a major driver of segregation, inequality, and racial and generational wealth gaps.

You can’t talk about education or the shrinking middle class without talking about how much it costs to live near good schools and high-paying jobs.

Conor Dougherty, New York Times