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–Bay Area Designer – Posted on 5/10/20

Maxable’s Company Culture:

Transparency. We believe in being fully transparent and that’s a two-way street. We’ve made some incredible improvements to our process because team members have given honest and real feedback. Alternatively, we’ll do what we can to be upfront and honest with you. We’re a young startup, which means we have a lot of flexibility around process.

On Time. Always Prepared. At Maxable we interact with a lot of homeowners who are placing their trust in us to help them with their ADU project. Showing up promptly and with answers to their questions inspires confidence in us and their project.

Own Your Mistakes. We all made mistakes. That’s natural and fine. What’s not ok is not owning your mistakes and taking responsibility for them. If you make a mistake what have you learned and how will you make sure it won’t happen again?