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Tell us about your vision and goals for your project.

After completing thousands
of Site Evaluations, we realized homeowners would save a lot of time, money, and gray hairs by having the right research done upfront.

What is a Site Evaluation?

Site Evaluations are Designed to:

Save Valuable Time – Researching local ordinances and understanding how those are impacted by state ADU law is complicated. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you navigate the regulatory space.

Reduce Your Stress Level – Hiring for anything can be a stressful process, but throw into the mix a six-figure budget and something as personal as your home and there’s a lot on the line. Maxable makes hiring more than a gut feeling. We can introduce you to cost-conscious designers and builders with proven ADU track records.

How does a Site Evaluation work?


Tell us about your property and ADU goals


Learn about the basics and how they apply to your project


Meet your consultant for your Site Evaluation


Connect with hand-picked designers and builders

What you get:

An assigned project consultant
A customized Property Report
One-on-one meeting to review goals and ideas

Hand-picked recommendations
for designers & builders

Regular check-ins and support


“We sure are thankful to have made the right decision by working with Stephanie. She is a very good listener, detail orientated and was able to completely comprehend and make our vision a reality…”

Guilherme Kerber, Co-founder InGame.Job

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