Tractor barn gets an unbelievable transformation

Homeowner: Danae

Spaces: Barn

Most people would have just seen a crumbly barn.
Danae saw its true potential.

My barn as an ADU has really changed our lives. It’s really allowed me to be a more creative and hands-on person professionally and personally and it’s really allowed me to pursue and support other passions in my life, like rescuing and caring for animals. It’s become a really big part of who I am.


The Backstory

Danae and her husband and her two step daughters were living together in a cozy farmhouse in Sonoma County where they care for their rescue goats and run a successful vineyard. As the girls got older, Danae decided to convert the old barn on their property into a living space so that they could all fit comfortably. They used it as just an extra bedroom at first, but once her step-daughters moved out, Danae thought, “why not take it one step further?”

Tractor Barn Gets an Unbelievable Transformation

ADUs good investment

We think it goes without saying that Danae has done an incredible job converting the space into a full ADU! Combined with her impeccable design skills and her determination, she converted her barn into the perfect home for wine enthusiasts. She has always been a firm believer in repurposing what you already have, rather than building all new. She kept as much of the 1950s barn’s spirit intact during the conversion, like the pitched metal ceilings and the general footprint of the space.

Danae’s property is in the heart of the country of Sonoma County, so finding used furniture in her area that fit her style that was easily refurbished was helpful in creating her vision of a luxe country cottage.

The Unit That Sparked a Career

After completing her ADU and seeing the great success that has come from it, Danae just couldn’t get enough! Just down the street, she is currently working on remodeling a recreation room located in the backyard of another home. Being able to live comfortably off of the rental income from her unit has allowed her to focus her career on converting more spaces into ADUs thanks to her newfound love for transforming unused structures into beautiful, fully functional homes. Plus, it leaves more time for her to care for her rescue goats and stallions!