It goes without saying, this has been one heck of a year, but despite the tough times, we’ve seen some amazing ADU projects come to life in 2020.

Check out our top five ADUs below!

1. Industrial Modern Arthouse ADU

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What began as an idea for just a simple guesthouse to be used as an entertainment space and a place to hang a vast art collection has evolved into this super modern ADU, complete with two bedrooms and a bath tied into a modern aesthetic.

The project shifted over time to be a place for family, then after being built, a strict rental property. Industrial Modern Design aesthetic was the goal, as a nod to the Facebook campus where the client worked at the time (note the plywood stairs) – for a modern home. This ADU came in about $375/sf costs, a number hard to beat with the aesthetic choices in this style, but a value Mayberry’s practice brings to custom projects

Designed by Mayberry Workshop

Photography by Cortez Media Group

2. Mays Family Two-Story Stand-Alone

Damian’s mother-in-law was aging and it was clear that in addition to caring for their 5-year-old, caring for her was an imminent need. That’s when he and his wife Victoria had the brilliant idea to build an ADU to bring mom closer.
This gorgeous stand-alone ADU is the talk of the town! Since completion, Victoria’s mother has moved in and is absolutely loving it. She gets to enjoy her own cozy space and privacy while still being close to family just a few yards away.

The outdoor patio space makes for a perfect space to reconvene and enjoy time together. Even distant relatives are itching for a chance to visit and occupy the second floor which comes with its own full kitchen and bathroom.

Working together with Maxable, they put together the ultimate ADU complete with an attached garage, a rooftop deck, and an interior staircase that leads to additional space for when more family comes to visit.

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Designed by Maxable

Construction by ADU Builder Pros

3. Above Garage ADU with a Lovely Pavilion

This young family had two big problems: they were quickly outgrowing their existing home and they had an underutilized yard.
The designers at PALO said “why not kill two birds with one stone?” Not wanting to lose their yard space, the family settled on a cozy one bedroom above garage design with a loft for their au pair.
They finished the project with a gorgeous pavilion that’s perfect for enjoying the
We love how the exterior compliments the main home and melds with the natural landscape, creating a cohesive environment that feels like a breathe of fresh air.

4. Four Bedroom ADU for College Housing

Experienced property investor, Dean, was on the hunt for his next project and knew he wanted to build an ADU too. Unsure about what to look for in the next property that would give him the most flexibility for building an ADU, he called up Maxable, who knew exactly what to do.

After sifting through the available options with his consultant’s help, he finally settled on a property just blocks away from the university, making it perfect to use as student housing. It also comes with a beautiful canyon view and a large driveway, making it ideal for easy construction.

The tenants have already settled into their new home and are loving their new space. It’s close enough to the university to access easily and they especially love the great communal outdoor space for barbeques and looking over the canyon. Plus, there’s plenty of space for their dog to run around.

Not to mention, Dean certainly enjoys the passive rental income that his new unit is bringing in!

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Designed by Maxable Partner

Construction by On Time Home Improvements

5. Two-Story ADU for a Growing Family

Sarah and Bill are relieved to have their project completed, and not just because they don’t have to deal with construction in their yard anymore.  Their daughter and son-in-law are ecstatic to have their own space that they can call home and grow their family.

They had been searching for months for a suitable home that ticked all of their boxes and staying close to grandma and grandpa was a must to maintain their close relationship. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find anything in their price range. That’s why building an ADU turned out to be such a perfect solution. They were able to build the perfect home with everything they needed while staying within their budget.

Their general contractor, Bruce Kaylor of ADU Builder Pros, completed the ADU with beautiful finishes like hardwood floors and light brick detailing on the exterior giving the space a fresh and open look.

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Designed by Maxable

Construction by ADU Builder Pros