Aaron Weiss, the owner of Arm Builders an LA Design & Building Company, is always helping homeowners realize their home needs. Their LA home with a detached garage fit the bill for a perfect garage conversion. Within their first month of hosting, they earned $3,000 for their 450 square-foot garage conversion.

How To Convert Your Garage into a Granny Flat

Weiss says, “It was an empty space and wasn’t being used for anything. It added square footage, adding value to the home.”

Weiss is passionate about remodeling and renovations and excited about the opportunities ADUs create for homeowners. So much so, he decided to convert his own garage to show clients what is possible.

It was very important that the garage conversion had flexibility and wouldn’t impact their lifestyle. With a young family, he wanted the ability to make a passive income, but not at the cost of sharing his home with a long-term tenant. Using short-term guests, Weiss was able to host guests at a convenient schedule, maximize his property, and keep privacy for holidays and family events.

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How to Convert Your Garage into a Granny Flat

Weiss shares, “I’m very happy [with the results]. Airbnb allows my family to host people that stay for 2-3 days at a time. They are usually out for the day and need a place to stay.”

Arm Builders has completed several additional conversions, which are roughly finished in about 6 months from design to construction. For stand-alone ADUs homeowner can expect a timeline of 8-12 months depending on size on complexity.

How to Convert your Garage into a Granny Flat

When planning to convert a garage you can expect:

1. Planning Phase: Consulting with a construction team to brainstorm options for the project at hand.

2. Layout: This is when the homeowner and contractor will decide on the space of the conversion. Whether to increase square footage or keep the same footprint.

3. Architectural Design: Weiss and his team meet with an architect to propose layout options.

build a granny flat

4. Customer Approval: After the approval of the layout, they then submit the documents to the city for approval.

5. Permitting Phase: This phase can take up to 120 days depending on your jurisdiction.

6. Construction Phase: This is when finish, kitchen styles, and appliances can be selected.

Most of Arm Builders conversions range from 400 to 600 square feet, but the maximum is 1200 square feet and depends upon the lot and sizing of the house.

How to Convert Your Garage into a Granny Flat

How much does your home increase in value with the addition of a granny flat?

Construction Costs: $120,000

Added value to home, based off a $600/sq ft: $ 330,000

Homeowner Profit: $ 210,000

Cost of a Garage Conversion

Pricing will vary upon client demands, but they estimate most garage conversions run about $90-120k. In the Los Angeles area, the added value of $600 per square foot for a 400- square foot unit ADU will increase a home value by $330k (all in 7-8 short months).

The larger the addition the more value added to your home.

There are a lot of wonderful reasons why homeowners want to convert their garage whether it’s using the space for an office, subsiding mortgage costs, or housing family. The garage conversion presents an amazing opportunity to increase the value and functionality of your home.

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