Is Building a Granny Flat a Savvy Investment?

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Break-Even Calculator

A granny flat or accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a big investment, typically 6-figures! Crunch your numbers so you can invest confidently. 

  • Make break-even analysis simple and easy

  • Calculate your future revenue

  • Easy to use & fully customizable to your loan & budget

  • Feel confident that you’re ready to make a large investment

  • Save yourself valuable time

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Don’t Guess. Be 100% Sure.

If you’re thinking about reaping the benefits of tackling a real estate development project, like a granny flat, use this tool to calculate the number of years and amount of money you need to generate to cover your expenses. Even better, project your future revenue, appreciation rates, and run a cost/benefit analysis all built into the spread sheet. 

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